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I recently became a primary teacher after another career. I finished study at the end of last year and have been getting plenty of casual days and a couple of small blocks. My wife, child and I are looking to move to the UK to mix things up a little. There are a number of agencies that...

Post by: Anonymous 20/08/2014

I have been teaching mathematics for the past 16years and i have experience in IGCSE, A -level, MYP and IB-Diploma mathematics. I trained in Kenya and have worked in Botswana, South Africa and in Kenya, i recently got an appointment to teach mathematics in Kazakhstan.

Question:   would...

Post by: Anonymous 03/08/2014

I'm really worried as I gained my QTS qualification in 2012 and so have a remaining 3 years to complete my induction year. I'm currently working on supply and so far have not had any opportunities to complete any of my NQT year. Obviously I've been applying for long term work and have had one...

Post by: MissFreemann 23/07/2014


Could you tell me which one is the best website to find a job in United States? As right in that one, there are no enough vacancies...


Thank you very much,



Post by: andres81089 14/07/2014


I just wanted a bit of advice please, I am due to start my PGCE this coming September, however I have been offered a fully funded PhD to start August 2015 which I plan on doing then applying for my first teaching job following the PhD which will take 3.5 years.

I wanted to know...

Post by: MrGTaylor 13/07/2014

Can I as a teacher be made by the school to share the same accommodation as the students I am teaching?

Post by: pippadoll17111966 13/07/2014


I am trying to find out whether I have full QTS or not.  I qualified with a PGCE in August 1998, but only completed 6 months as an NQT before taking a teaching post abroad.  

I am currently working as a TA and HLTA and want to know where I stand with QTS. Do I need to re-train,...

Post by: Anonymous 02/07/2014

I have one and a half weeks left of a Secondary Music PGCE course. I was doing really well in my first placement, but I feel like I am not progressing at all on my second placement. I find this very frustrating after doing so well on my first placement. I am taking all the advice being given to...

Post by: Anonymous 06/06/2014

I have been teaching 16 years and for the past 10 of those years have been in my present school. During those 16 years I have like most teachers had 'run ins' with parents. Usually very minor and easily resolved. The amount of complaints to my head teacher have been no more that three in 16...

Post by: Anonymous 05/06/2014

Hello there.

I will start an ITT programme in September and was looking for some recommendations for the most useful/practical teaching books you've ever read.

I hope to read up over the summer and mentally prepare (if that is even possible!).

Thanks for your help.

Post by: leejm13 03/06/2014


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