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I wish to organize my PGCE Secondary Mathematics file so that it becomes easy to file and retrieve documents. May you please suggest a suitable layout that would save me time, minus all the stresses of rummaging through the whole file.

Post by: Anonymous 14/12/2014
I have had to take 3 days off work due to an incident that has left me with no glasses, which I cannot see without. Is it fair for my boss to use this against me in a reference and NQT assessment? As I've been told it will be used, in fairness I have had a number of days off since the start of...
Post by: kirstymarie101 02/12/2014

Hi, I qualified in 2005, Completed part of my NQT year and then had my son. Since having him I have worked as part of a MAT for the council. I am interested in getting back into teaching. There is a possibility I can reduce my days in my current job, so I am thinking that I may register for...

Post by: lesley-willis 07/11/2014

Hi, I was just wondering if anyone else on here is part of a team teach school? In the morning I have sole responsibility for Reception but in the afternoon the Year 1/2 teacher and myself join together with the receptions to form one big class then co teach the afternoon sessions. I am finding...

Post by: Anonymous 05/10/2014

Hi! I qualified as a teacher in June 2012. I've been working in schools for the past 3 years in a variety of roles to gain more experience. I'm now in a position where I can start to look for jobs, but I'm really confused as to how long I have to complete my NQT year! I've been told lots of...

Post by: LaurenLudgate 25/09/2014

HI all,

I completed my PGCE in June 2014 and received my qualified teacher status in August 2014.

I got a job at my local school as a newly qualified teacher, however I did secure the job through an agency who pay my wages on a weekly basis.

The school is in inner London, and...

Post by: Anonymous 23/09/2014

We have to keep a refelective journal throughout the school placements. Just wondering if anyone could recommend any (free) software that is good for doing this? Found something called iDailyDiary, and RedNotebook... just wondering if there is a "best" one to use.

Has anyone else used...

Post by: JanetSymonds 16/09/2014

Hello - looking to begin ITT September 2015 - would be grateful for advice on reading lists so I may make a start - I have BA history/psych 2:1 - currently working for The NAS - thank you - I wish to work in primary ed - Quinnaker.

Post by: Quinnaker 24/08/2014

Is it true that it is not lawful to teach explicitly on homosexuality in primary schools in Scotland?

Post by: Anonymous 24/08/2014

I have been teaching mathematics for the past 16years and i have experience in IGCSE, A -level, MYP and IB-Diploma mathematics. I trained in Kenya and have worked in Botswana, South Africa and in Kenya, i recently got an appointment to teach mathematics in Kazakhstan.

Question:   would...

Post by: Anonymous 03/08/2014


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