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As I am an NQT on a 1 year contract, I have been asked to reapply for my job (along with the others in school - a county procedure). I am aware that I will have to teach a lesson to another year group in the school for around 30 minutes however, I am struggling to think of really...

Post by: Anonymous 24/03/2015

Good morning,

I am currently studying a PGCE and have an outcome of which I'm unsure how to satisfy. It relates to discussing legal and organisational requirements, with regards to managing learning in groups. I'm unsure what these requirements are.

If anyone could be of help, it...

Post by: Anonymous 21/03/2015

Does it cost a school more to employ an older newly qualified teacher than a younger applicant?

Post by: Anonymous 17/03/2015


I have recently received confirmation that I am now a qualified teacher. I currently work three days a week as an unqualified teacher and have done so for the past three years. Does this now mean that my pay will change to a higher rate? I will not be starting my NQT Induction year...

Post by: Anonymous 16/03/2015

Hello, I am in my final (3/3) year of Primary Education 5-11 at the University of Brighton, and in my second year placement i built a really strong relationship with all the staff and the head etc...

At the end of the placement the head suggested that i come back to interview if a...

Post by: Anonymous 13/03/2015

Hi everyone,

This is just a question out of curiosity really. When it comes to applying for jobs during your PGCE and the interviews are during term time, are you aloud time off to go to these interviews?

What happens if you have a lot of interviews?

Kind regards!

Post by: Anonymous 11/03/2015

I qualified as a teacher in 2011 and have as yet been unsuccessful in finding anywhere that will take an NQT for a drama/performing arts job. They all want 3+ years teaching experience, which I can't seem to get as I cannot afford to be a substitute teacher and apparently teaching for...

Post by: Teacherclo 24/02/2015

I am a very experienced teacher having taught for 14 years in Brisbane, Australia. I want to return to teach in the UK where I am from and I am informed that Australian teachers are exempt from induction. My problem is I have a PGCE and did not complete induction before I came to Australia. The...

Post by: PaulRaynor 23/01/2015

I am currently studying Primary Ed. in England. I'm graduating in July, and will be starting my NQT year in September. I am beginning to look at and apply for jobs around the country at the minute. I'm wondering if I can complete my NQT year in Northern Irelannd? Can anyone tell me whether or...

Post by: Anonymous 23/01/2015


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