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Hi, i'm a student teacher in my third year of a four year course.  I'm a mature student with two children.

I've been looking at the questions that are asked on applications forms and noticed that one asks whether you are a parent or not? It gives you the option not to answer but I...

Post by: Sammy2511 11/04/2014

I have an ITT interview next week and I know it is traditional for an interview candidate to ask questions of their interviewers. I am struggling to think of questions that don't show ignorance of the programme or imply that I didn't do any research on the structure of the programme. Also...

Post by: Anonymous 27/03/2014

I completed my PGCE in Primary Education last July and have since been working as a supply teacher after struggling to find a permanent post. My ITT placements were very successful and I gained ‘outstanding’ as a final grade. I also returned to my final placement school in September at the...

Post by: rachelcg 24/03/2014

I am working as a supply teacher and wondering what I should put on job applications for references. Is my employer the school for reference purposes or the supply agency?

Can I put a personal reference from a class teacher as I would rather do this than alert my supply school that I am...

Post by: Anonymous 19/03/2014

Can SDS, trainee teachers strike next week?

Post by: Anonymous 19/03/2014

Dear James,

I am looking at jobs but just need to know how many timetabled hours you need to teach for it to qualifiy for QTS in a year?


Look forward to hearing from you.

Post by: hettimurray 20/02/2014

I have applied for a teaching job to start in September and am currently on my PGCE!

The school have got back to me and asked to observe my teaching... but at my placement school!

Is this normal? I don't think I've ever heard of this before and was expecting to go to their school to...

Post by: Anonymous 18/02/2014

Hi everyone, i'm looking for a bit of advice because i'm going to my first university interview this week: university of Glasgow. What questions do you think it's best to be prepared for? I've written and prepared practice answers for things that I think will come up but any heads up would be...

Post by: Abbiemcf 16/02/2014


Dear all,

I do not have a placement B. No, no, no letters of concern or anything similar. I am MFL, offering mainly German, native speaker as well. I can also offer limited French, Latin and Russian. As well, I could offer Law and Psych for A-Level, being a barrister and...

Post by: Anonymous 11/02/2014

I have been offered a place on both an early years and primary PGCE, I enjoy both but am undecided which option is best regarding career and employability wise?  Any opinions will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks 

Post by: ciaramccullagh1 10/02/2014


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If you have not done so already, do go to the jobseekers forum run by Theogriff there is a lot...