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I qualified as a teacher in 2011 and have as yet been unsuccessful in finding anywhere that will take an NQT for a drama/performing arts job. They all want 3+ years teaching experience, which I can't seem to get as I cannot afford to be a substitute teacher and apparently teaching for...

Post by: Teacherclo 24/02/2015

I am a very experienced teacher having taught for 14 years in Brisbane, Australia. I want to return to teach in the UK where I am from and I am informed that Australian teachers are exempt from induction. My problem is I have a PGCE and did not complete induction before I came to Australia. The...

Post by: PaulRaynor 23/01/2015

I am currently studying Primary Ed. in England. I'm graduating in July, and will be starting my NQT year in September. I am beginning to look at and apply for jobs around the country at the minute. I'm wondering if I can complete my NQT year in Northern Irelannd? Can anyone tell me whether or...

Post by: Anonymous 23/01/2015

I finished my NQT in July, i was on support plan when I went back to school in September, is that possible? 

Post by: meryemtoprak 21/01/2015

i just relocated to the uk. i am a dutch i have been teaching the kindergarten for 12 years now. How can i get my qts to work here?


Post by: Anonymous 09/01/2015

Hi there,

I am working as a trainee teacher in a SEN school. My question is that although I am trying to involve my autistic learner in his learning, but sometimes it is very hard to get him on his work. I tried all the resources for autistic learners to make sure he must be the part of...

Post by: Anonymous 27/12/2014

I wish to organize my PGCE Secondary Mathematics file so that it becomes easy to file and retrieve documents. May you please suggest a suitable layout that would save me time, minus all the stresses of rummaging through the whole file.

Post by: Anonymous 14/12/2014
I have had to take 3 days off work due to an incident that has left me with no glasses, which I cannot see without. Is it fair for my boss to use this against me in a reference and NQT assessment? As I've been told it will be used, in fairness I have had a number of days off since the start of...
Post by: kirstymarie101 02/12/2014

Hi, I qualified in 2005, Completed part of my NQT year and then had my son. Since having him I have worked as part of a MAT for the council. I am interested in getting back into teaching. There is a possibility I can reduce my days in my current job, so I am thinking that I may register for...

Post by: lesley-willis 07/11/2014


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