I am a PGCE student filled with doubt as to whether teaching is for me. I am not enjoying the daily struggle with the pupils who do not want to learn languages. Anyway, my immediate plan is to stop after June when I complete my PGCE, I doubt I will be looking for a teaching post for next year. If I happen to change my mind in the future and decide to get a job, is there a time limit to do my NQT year? Will my PGCE expire?



This has been really helpful James! As a brand new NQT I am so confused about all of this and uni didnt explain any of it!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you tie the 2 things together for me though, just so I am 100% clear. I see there is no time scale on completing my NQT year (contrary to belief)and that once I begin supply I can only do it for 16 months but how does doing supply effect the time scale for completing my induction?
Answered by: princesspink
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