I am starting a GTP course in September and want to start getting some new work clothes. What sort of thing should I wear? I will be in a secondary school, teaching science. Also- I am quite short so should I wear heels so the kids don't tower above me? Or is this not advisable? Thanks


I'm no style Guru, but dress sensibly and business like. Dress to be comfortable and also in things that do not restrict movement. You may need to wear a lb coat so wear trhings that can fit under a lab coat or where a jacket can be removed and replaced with a lab coat. In science teaching you may well be bending and stretching (especially for the white board - having said that any short teacher may have this issue in any class) when demonstrating experiments. Do not wear open toed shoes in science labs as spillages of aciods etc. could harm you and while a heel can be effective in increasing your height, again it needs to be sensible for working inb a lab - remember that spillages can happen and floors slippery. James
Answered by: James_Williams
First let me congratulate you on securing the post. You are right to think about your wardrobe for work particularly as an entrant to the profession. I think it is important to wear clothes and footwear that you are going to be comfortable in for the long days that you will inevitably go through.In that sense heels while making you taller than mother nature intended may not be practical. They are also a cosmetic way of trying to show your authority/status in the classroom which can be dem,onstrated by the relationship you establish with the groups you teach. I would suggest a smart wardrobe that allows you to move around the school/classroom with ease and comfort especially if you delivering practical lessons.
Answered by: spicechick
I'm a cover supervisor currently (secondary) and now have a PGCE place for sept. From my time in school I'd say smart casual, always better to look a bit too smart at the start then work more of your own personality into your outfits! A good bet is smart trousers, nice shirt / top and something to layer as going from classroom to classroom can mean going from a fridge like room to an oven! As for heels, they do give me a sense of 'power dressing' on occasion but a long day in them can be pretty painful! Hope this is some help!
Answered by: fluffysparkles
Check the guidlines at your base school and if possible pay a visit and see what other staff wear. Generally, women have a lot more freedom than men about dress codes. I suggest buying a few nice pairs of smart trousers, some comfy plain tshirts or blouses and lots of cardigans (because it's always cold in school until you start teaching - then you get hot!) I sometimes wear heels for school, as my Y8's are taller than me! But they have to be comfy ones - I suggest ankle boots that you can wear socks with, and a thick heel so you don't fall off it. :-) Trty next, or if you want something a bit cheaper, good old Primark!
Answered by: gambatte
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