I am a 3rd BA Early Childhood Studies degree student and will finish my course June 2013. I would like to apply for the primary PGCE to start September 2013 so need to start thinking about me application in the next few months. I have not yet gained any school experience and was hoping to start volunteering in September 2012 to help me decide which PGCE I wish to apply for, to specialise from nursery upto year2 or from year1 upto year4, and experience of a classroom environment. However I am concerned I will not have gained enough experience before submitting my application to make an informed decision as to which PGCE I should apply for and enough experience to go ahead with the application process sucessfully. Therefore I am considering waiting a year after I have graduated to apply for the PGCE and using this gap year to gain school experience and apply to start the PGCE 2014. However I am worried being out of education for a year I will find it tough to go back into such hardcore studying. Please can anyone who has gone through the PGCE process offer me any advice as to how much experience they gained before applying and if they had a gap from education before starting the PGCE and how they coped with the workload. Thanks.


Competition for primary places can be tough and you need to be certain of your choice. In addition, experience is a must for this sort of application. If you can wait a year, gain experience in a school as a TA or volunteer it will not hold you back and could enhance your application. You can of course try this year see the process and if you don't get a place you will have experience of the process. The Sage
Answered by: sagacious