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Objectives are everywhere in education but how can you ensure they’re effective? The answers may lie in the world of business
The pressure of being under scrutiny can get to anyone, so use these strategies to show your teaching in the best possible light
From storytelling to Star Trek quotes, there’s an art to keeping students quiet. Here, teachers share their tried and tested methods
Keep kids engaged even when they’re not under your watchful eye by setting thoughtful, tailored tasks that challenge constructive
Children are as changeable as the weather, so follow these tips to discern whether the outlook is sunny or there's a chance of rain

Teaching tips

Your first job is a chance to make your mark, but avoid ‘new broom’ syndrome or you may find some colleagues give you the brush off
Remembering your pupils' names can be tricky. Here are a few ideas to try, including games and the delicate art of bluff
Getting to know pupils is vital if you want to avoid conflict, and if you want your pupils to realise their potential.
Nervous? Excited? Here are some ideas to help you get through it
While consistency is important, students perform best when teachers tailor sanctions to the individual, not the behaviour
Fretting about how to set up and organise your classroom? Gererd Dixie dispenses some advice

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On your PGCE you will be assigned a subject mentor within the school and an overall mentor. These will be the people who help you through your school placement, guiding you in your planning and your...
Post by: TES_Community 13/11/2013
Since my last blog post around three weeks ago a lot has been going on and it's all gone past in a blur!  I've taken my first whole lessons with my two year seven classes, taken...
Post by: TES_Leanne 14/10/2013
In her second blog post for New Teachers, Jessica discusses the importance of making the most out of your PGCE placement.Petrified PGCE students waited with anticipation for that one name to be...
Post by: TES_Leanne 7/10/2013
The key to teacher training, or so I am lead to believe so far, is reflection.  In fact, it would seem like I have to reflect on every waking breath!  For anyone that doesn't know,...
Post by: TES_Leanne 24/9/2013
​After all this time I can finally say I have started School Direct and am officially a trainee teacher! My first two days in school were INSET days, or Professional Learning as the academy I...
Post by: sarah_knowles 9/9/2013

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  • How the Teach For All movement is taking off around the world
  • Discover the curious items collected in one teacher's career of confiscation
  • How to glavanise your goal-setting