The ICT test has been abolished and trainees will be restricted to just two resits per subject

The tests covering the core skills that teachers need to prove before they can become a qualified teacher have been changed. The big news is that the ICT test has been dropped and that trainees will be limited to two resits per subject.

The key changes the QTS Skills Tests are:

  • The removal of the ICT test
  • The introduction of pre-entry skills tests so that students starting teacher training after July 1 2013 will have to pass the skills tests before starting the course.
  • A limit of two resits per subject. Trainees will be charged for resits from September 2012.
  • Raising the pass mark for both tests from 60% to 63%

Removal of the ICT test
The ICT test has been removed from the skills tests requirements. Trainees who have already started their course and haven’t passed the ICT test will no longer be required to do so.

Introduction of pre-entry skills tests
From September 1 2012, pre-entry skills tests will be introduced. Anyone applying for an initial teacher training (ITT) course that starts after July 1 2013 will have to pass the skills tests before starting the course. The first pre-entry test appointments will be available from September 1 2012. The registration and the booking system will be available from 1 August 2012.

Limit to the number of resits
The number of resits allowed will be limited to two per subject from September 1 2012. This will apply to existing trainee teachers, as well as those who are applying to ITT providers for courses beginning from July 1 2013.

Previous unsuccessful attempts by any existing trainees will not count towards this limit; any test you take from September 1 2012 counts as your first attempt.

Timing of tests for existing trainees
Currently, trainee teachers are unable to take the skills tests until their final year of study; this requirement will be removed from September 1 2012, allowing trainees who are already on ITT courses to take the tests at any time during the course.

Charges for resits
The first attempt at each Skills test will be free but you will be charged for resits from September 1 2012. We’re still waiting for the resit charge to be announced by the Teaching Agency.

Raising the pass mark
From September 1 2012, the pass mark for the skills tests will be raised from 60% to 63%. The new pass rate will apply to the tests taken by all candidates, including those who started their training before 1 September 2012.

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