I began a pgce primary at university this september. I've completed a four week 'autumn school experience' and am due to start 'bees 1' (first proper) five week placement in january followed by a twelve week 'bees 2' placement for the summer term. The university seems to be experiencing immense difficulty in finding placements for about six of us and time is fast running out. Their stock response to our angst is just to tell us we're doing fine and it'll all be sorted out and not to worry. Not very constructive or reassuring! We're just being fobbed off! Is their any obligation on their part to place us? I know we have to complete a certain amount of weeks in order to qualify and i'm afraid i might fail to achieve qts by jul 2013 because of a lack of placement time. Is there anything we can do? Feeling desperate and stressed and not very christmassy!


Placements are always difficult and in some areas/phases it can be more difficult than others. In terms of an obligation, you would need top check the handbook and the terms and conditions of the offer on your course. Most Universities have a clause that states that while they do their uttmost to find a placement they may not be able to guarantee this. Schools are not obliged to take trainees and for amny and various reasons they do refuse places even if they have been offering places previously (changing staff, lack of staff to supervise, too many new staff etc.) these are all reasons why schools may not offer. Usually unis work hard and will find places but you may find thgat what is on offer is not convenient or you may be asked to relocate. Check you universioty policy on placements and what they will do in the case of a non-placement. The Sage
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How did it go?  Just wondering whether and when you were assigned placements, and whether you've completed the course now.  I had exactly the same situation, slightly earlier than you did, and never came across your post. 

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